I am a Research Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the Ohio State University. My research main research area is applied harmonic analysis. In particular, I study frame theory and its applications to signal and image processing, data science, compressive sensing, and optimal line packings. Here is a link to my CV. (Last updated: 10/15/20)

I received my PhD in 2018 at the University of Maryland under the guidance of John J. Benedetto. I spent my undergraduate years at Carnegie Mellon University, where I graduated in 2012 with a BS in Mathematics and Japanese Studies.

I am from Franklin Park, NJ, and I am a first generation Filipino-American. My mom is from Quezon City and my dad is from Makati; both are part of the Metro Manila area. My main hobbies are anime, gaming, and shogi (Japanese chess). If you are curious you can read more about them here.